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ISACA CISM Prep Course

CISM Prep Course

Thank you for registering for the ISACA Vancouver Chapter’s CISM exam-prep course. In order to make the best use of our one-day classroom session, I have prepared 15 videos (total time roughly 4 hours) that cover the meat of the course. Please view these carefully prior to the Saturday session as we will be spending our time working through the exercises, sample exam questions, and reviewing the major topics of each domain. By moving the bulk of the material to the videos, it enables us to spend more time in discussion Saturday (rather than my lecturing, which is better done by video). Past participants have found this blend of video material and in-classroom discussion to be far better than trying to cover all of the slides as well as discussion into a single day.

Please allocate more than four hours to study the videos as I highly recommend pausing frequently to take notes on the key topics being discussed, and note any questions you may have so we can discuss them during the Saturday session.

If you have questions about the material that can't wait until Saturday's session, please email me at

The videos are here:

The course materials are here:

(Note that page 10 of the "How to Ace the CISM Exam" talks about answering every 10th question -- which was my advice when it was a paper-based test. With an electronic test, this no longer is necessary, but I have not updated the PDF yet.)

Please note that the videos and course material are the intellectual property of ISACA and are not to be distributed. Please respect ISACA's copyright otherwise our ability to deliver courses like this in future may be impaired.